Wednesday, November 3, 2010

라면 Ramyun

I am a noodle whore.  I love all kinds of noodles.  I should be sleeping but I'm up watching a Korean show and they're eating 라면.  I hate when they do that because it makes it so damn irresistible.  I like to get creative with my 라면 and add cheese, egg, green onion, bean sprouts, mushrooms, or whatever I find in the fridge I can throw in for variety.

Speaking of noodles.... OROCHON in DTLA is the best.  I miss it.

부대찌개 (boo dae jjigae) is also a good noodle dish. Perfect when paired with soju :)
Can't forget the ultimate favorite. PHO!

Blogging about food right before bed is a bad idea....

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