Saturday, December 18, 2010


I just fried up some mandoo as a snack and it made me think of a dumpling bar my friend Richard had me try in New York.

Rick Shaw Dumpling Bar.  You choose your dumpling (steamed or fried) and enjoy them a la carte with different dipping sauces or in a selection of different broths to make dumpling soup.  I had the chicken & Thai basil dumplings in shiitake mushroom soup.  AMAZING! AND they had the best watermelon lemonade I've ever had.  Both watermelon and lemon freshly scooped and squeezed into a slightly sweet and tart drink PERFECT for the summer.  Makes me drool just thinking about my amazing lunch at Rick Shaw.

I've been disappointed in prepackaged frozen mandoo from the Korean markets lately.  They've gotten a lot smaller and the filling is mediocre and just doesn't "pop."

I just got the sudden urge to run to the Korean market to buy all different kinds of fresh ingredients and start making my own mandoo.  I think I will experiment with different fillings and also try to make the chicken & Thai basil dumpling I had at Rick Shaw.  I'm going to have a lot of fun getting different sauces to complement my mandoo experiement since I'm pretty much a sauce whore.

Pictures soon to come!

P.S. Also while in NY, Richard introduced me to the soup dumpling in Chinatown. SO GOOD!

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